Becketwood Cooperative
An Active, Independent 55+ Community of Owners in Minneapolis

“Becketwood is a welcoming 55+ cooperative community of lively and spirited owners, located on 12 beautiful wooded acres on the Mississippi, convenient to all that Minneapolis-St. Paul has to offer.”

Becketwood is a great choice for active, independent senior living in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Our location is beautifully convenient – 12 wooded acres along the Mississippi River bluffs, just across the river from St. Paul. Becketwood features distinctive Tudor-style construction in a natural, park like setting.

We enjoy our cooperative living style, special amenities, exciting activities and events, gardening, hiking and biking, delicious dining, lifelong learning, inviting living spaces, friendly and responsive staff and a lively, spirited group of Members with passion and vitality.

This is the place to be if you are still working and contending with the daily drudgery of home maintenance and repairs. Our maintenance-free lifestyle means that you will have more time to pursue your special interests and still work full or part time.

And when you want to travel or spend time at your second home, you can close the door to your Becketwood unit and not worry about the possibility of a flooded basement or a leaky roof. Becketwood is a great choice. You are invited to see for yourself. Find out if Becketwood is right for you, and join us for a guided tour.

Is Becketwood right for you?

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“It’s really improved our quality of life. We have more time to do the things we really like to do.”

David McKay

“I have an interest in sustainable living, and this is a model that fits into that. I like that we’re getting the building ready for people who will come here if they can plug in an electric car…”

Marvin McNeff

“We find more and more friends right here at Becketwood because we have a lot in common, it is a comfortable, easy place to get together.”

Carol Joyce

Celebrating the Jewish New Year in a Non-Jewish World

By Lisa Albrecht, Becketwood Member From meditation on September 8, 2021, the first day of Rosh Hashanah   It is hard to be a Jew in a Non-Jewish World. Examples? People say Merry Christmas to me, and assume I celebrate Christmas. But I don’t. I celebrate Chanukah which is NOT the Jewish Christmas. Chanukah is […] Read more

A Haiku Experience: Walking in the Longfellow Neighborhood

By Dee Schaefer, Becketwood Member, Writing Circle participant   Five rocks in raked sand, focus for a gardener– Zen monk in disguise.   Writing is about observation and communication. The Becketwood Rag Tag Writers Circle composed of three writers of poetry and three of prose gathers twice monthly to talk about both. Each member has […] Read more


By George Lundgren, Becketwood Member   A mother is born With the final push.   Motherhood. A blind insanity Driven by unreasonable hope, A determination To keep alive an unknown stranger At any cost, A trainload of instincts Set in motion by a cry, By the sight of a helpless child, By a warm form […] Read more