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Living Seasonally at Becketwood

Living seasonally at Becketwood

by Carol Bechtel, Becketwood Member

Now that the hours of darkness are getting long and my skin has begun drying out, something inside of me has piped up with, “It is time to migrate.” I live in Florida. I do not “go to Florida,” as most Minnesotans say. It is my primary residence. I also live at Becketwood, and I am so thankful I do. I leave Becketwood now because it is time to flee the approaching winter, but with the sweet knowledge of how good it will be to return next May.

Twice during my nearly four years of owning my unit I have sublet it to potential Members who wanted to be in the city for the winter, and we have quite a few Members who spend parts of their year “up north” or in other states. For those of us choosing this lifestyle, it’s an arrangement that works very well—and one that I think more potential Members should know about & consider.

After the death of my husband in 2006, I chose Minnesota because I had two daughters, their husbands, and three, soon-to-be four, grandchildren living in the Cities. I was looking for a convenient and compatible place to live full time at some point in the future.

It took me awhile to figure out that having two residences – if one of them was a small unit in Becketwood – was the right solution for me. I recommend it to others for the following advantages:  The Becketwood unit is maintenance free (of course there is that monthly fee!)—one can lock the door and never think about it and return when one wishes. Units creep up in value and always sell, so there is no worry about an investment going wrong. If there is need or desire to recoup some of the ongoing costs, it is possible to make one’s apartment available for overflow short-term rental guests or to a longer-term sublet. I have had good luck with both.

The biggest benefit is the quality of life when one is in residence. Where else can you return to a wonderful group of friends and to a smorgasbord of programs, excursions, beautiful grounds, meaningful committee work, fascinating places to walk and a first-rate in-house restaurant? Becketwood does offer what I believe is an ideal setup that can be tailor-made to each individual’s interests. I heartily endorse seasonal residency at Becketwood. It is a wonderful way to convince oneself that fulltime residency at Becketwood will be the way to go!

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  • Jack Heule October 25, 2012, 4:52 pm

    Carol’s suggestion raised a somewhat related idea that has intrigued us for some time and I suspect that some of our many traveling members maybe able to lend some helpful advice.
    We periodically see reference to temporarily exchanging living facilities e.g.,”come live in my home in this wonderful place for, say, thirty days and we’ll use your yours in that exotic place where you’re located”. As Carol points out, Becketwood would seem to provide attractive “trading fodder”.
    Do any of you have experience in playing this game either at Becketwood or in your previous homes?


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