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What Surprises People Most About Becketwood?

What Surprises People Most About Becketwood?

Maura Kolars, Becketwood's Sales Coordinator, Broker & Realtor

Many people find their way to Becketwood each year; to attend an open house or a band concert, to visit Members or to take a tour with the hopes of living here someday.  It is always interesting to hear their insights.  Here are a few:

The dogs!  Often, during a tour, a Member will walk by with their dog and the visitors will exclaim happily ‘You allow dogs!’  Dogs seem to make a house a home and are allowed in the first floor units at Becketwood.  Cats are allowed on any floor.

The art!  Here is a secret:  Becketwood is really an art gallery where people happen to live.  There is so much art gracing our halls and walls, most of it loaned by or donated by the Members. It includes Asian art, wildlife art, original paintings and wood carvings, sculptures, watercolors, quilts, photography, weavings, modern art and Native American art, origami and calligraphy.  The list goes on and on.  It permeates the life experience here and feeds the soul.  It is so important to the Members that a room has been re-purposed into an actual gallery where the shows change monthly.  Fabulous!

The historic chapel!  Built in 1922 as part of the Sheltering Arms orphanage that originally occupied this property, the stone chapel is stunningly beautiful and is the site of weekly interfaith vespers facilitated by the Members themselves.  It has also been the site of several weddings between Members and even a staff member’s wedding ceremony was held here!

The food!  While most places are serving coffee and cookies, our young, creative Chef Jason Brenny is wowing us with tempting creations of savory flatbreads, grilled tuna with cantaloupe salsa, Asian citrus bbq glazed baby back ribs, champagne cake, pork tenderloin draped with apricot puree, and that was just this week! Need I say more?  Vegetarian, gluten-free, organic welcome and accommodated!

The stories!  With 275 people living under one roof, there are bound to be stories.  And there are, everywhere you look!  There is a huge variety of professions represented including hospice nurse, opera singer, activist, physics professor, seamstress, radio host, chemist, published authors and poets, business owners, missionaries, artists, financial planner, playwright, librarians, actors, musicians, farmers, weaver, lawyer, pastors, dental hygienist, linguist, pilot and many, many more.  It is nearly impossible to be bored at Becketwood; a fascinating conversation is literally waiting around each corner!

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  • Michael Sedwick March 13, 2013, 2:07 pm

    Very nice article Maura! it really capsulizes what we see here at Becketwood. Every day is a unique experience, as unique as each resident and staff here!

  • Sonja Walker April 2, 2013, 4:44 pm

    I am sure that all of us who live here have many of our own personal new discoveries. My wonderful surprise about moving into Becketwood was new friends; I never expected to make new, wonderful friends who are Twenty (20) years older than I am! That bodes well for our gregarious community.