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Tai Chi Chih

by Sonja Walker, Becketwood Member

Sonja Walker, a Tai Chi Chih practitioner, illustrates her personal "moving
meditation" in the following poem. Becketwood has an active Tai Chi Chih

Twenty-One Movements

My Personal Titles
Descriptions in nine words—drawn from my own experience.

Rocking Motion

I Can Count to Nine
Clear it out. Blow it off.  Let it go.

Bird Flaps its Wings

Lift Off
Soar and Sing while staying connected to the ground.

Around the Platter

Clean Your Plate
Smooth out the bumps. Or spit and make music.

Variation on Around the Platter

The Tenth Step*
Here it comes again.  Practice makes progress.  Just do it.

Bass Drum

Soup’s Drum
Underwear and humor go a long way toward balance.

Daughter on the Mountain

Up High
Left hand close to the heart: I am that daughter.

Daughter in the Valley

Down Low
We all hit bottom.  Rising hands carry positive energy.

Carry the Ball to the Side

First left, then right, then soon to be complete.

Push Pull

New View on the Horizon
Pull in tomorrow, a brand new moment, sunrise – sunset.

Pulling in the Energy

It Will Come to Me.
The universe always answers yes.  Honor gifts with gratitude.

Pulling Taffy

Keep It Up!
At times only hard work gets the job done.

Anchor Step

A Different Take
For fresh perspective, try a new stance and angle.

Wrist Circles

Don’t forget wrists, ankles.  Beauty is in the details.

Perpetual Motion

Cook until Done
Kneading, stretching, smoothing.  Continue until ready.  Do your best.

Working the Pulley

Honor our ancestors: inventors of what has come before.

Light at the Top of the Head

Turn It Over
I accept the things I cannot change—or control.

Light at the Temple

Get Your Head on Straight
Today is what we have. Live it wisely-consciously.

Joyous Breath

Just Do It
Inhale.  Exhale boldly.   Release it.  Emit air.  Give forth.

Passing Clouds

Universal Smooth
Lose yourself in nature and the rhythms of earth.

Healing Sounds

Trust.  Smile.  Love.  Peace.  Humility.  Health.  Spirit.  Grace.  Joy.

Cosmic Consciousness Pose

Let Go and Let God
The wide horizon holds vast promise.  Be grateful.  Breathe!

*Continued to take personal inventory, and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it.

†Children’s book by Robert Newton Peck

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  • Helen Gilbert April 10, 2017, 6:10 pm

    Sonja, I loved this! I’m in the beginning Tai Chi Chih group now, and looking forward to practicing outdoors. Your succinct comments add a new dimension to it, and a few of them reflect my thoughts as I learn. Thank you!