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By A Becketwood Member

Eureka! Becketwood became Single Sort last year, thanks to our valiant recycling vendor (Eureka Recycling). Our particular Membership Unit (two humans, one vote) has two sorts of sorters, which sometimes complicates matters and leads to interesting discussion, if not always conclusions.

So I’m recounting my own trashy compulsions. I retain the habit of hauling five separate batches: compost, dry compost, newspapers, and recyclables to the basement bins and trash to the chute. Sorting has always enchanted me, although I’m far from a neatnik (as unit partner will attest). Somehow the process of putting bits, chunks, and bottles into their correct receptacles is a calming ritual. Compost and recovery—re-making soil from compost and building new containers from used ones—partakes of resurrection, doesn’t it? Furthermore, I can convince myself that I’ve devoted time to cleaning.

Recycle symbol

Yesterday I emptied wastebaskets, sorting Kleenex and napkins into the DRY compost bag– is dental floss ok?—not sure so I wound it into the trash, tipped the wastebasket, with its remainder scraps of wrappings of chocolate and cough drops, and who knows what-all into the trash bag. Then noting a large empty juice container, I made frozen orange juice, funneling the slurry into the bottle’s small neck. (We gifted our too-heavy glass pitcher to the free table.)

Oops, no cover for the new juice bottle. Fished for one in the recyclables bag, found one I’d put on top of another bottle, after crushing air out of the bottle (Green Tip: you can reduce bulk by smooshing the bottle, and twisting its cap on makes the container keep its vacuumed svelte shape). That cap wouldn’t fit. Unit mate must have thrown the cap in the trash, though he did save the bottle. Oh well, shake out the small trash bag, still plastic since I save a few bags for trash going to burner. Crinkles and rattles, plinks and hisses, and, eureka! the cap.

When the Minneapolis plastic bag ban, hurrah, goes into effect, what are we going to do with our minuscule amounts of trash? I’m sure our vendor and recycling teams will come up with answers.

Last month over 70 Members attended the Environment Committee’s program about recycling. Following a “virtual tour” video highlighting Eureka’s sorting site, two representatives led us in a highly participatory a Q and A session. For readers who were not able to attend, and for additional questions on composting and recycling that come up, Eureka’s Zero-Waste Hotline is (651) 222-SORT (7678). And here’s the brand-new Story of a Cereal Box.

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