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A Pub Adventure to Episcopal Homes

by Mickey Monsen, Becketwood Member

What is a “Pub Crawl”?  The Brits named it for a tour or walk taking in several pubs or bars with one or more drinks at each.  After visiting a number of taverns, one might be ready to crawl.

At Becketwood we have had three pub crawls, using our bus between pubs or breweries, taking our time during an afternoon, finding good food or snacks along the route. Many bars are not open until the Happy Hour time of 5 P.M.; others welcome us oldsters at our earlier hours.


The latest pub crawl, coordinated by Bob Kirk, was named A Pub Adventure to Episcopal Homes. The day was picture perfect Minnesota summer. First we bussed to Mears Park in downtown St. Paul, where at least six food trucks were parked on the street. Folks could choose from chicken to pork, sandwiches to tacos, potato chips to fries and so on, and then enjoy eating those selections while sitting in the park. It was possible to wash down the food with a brew from the pub across the street.

eaters david

For the second stop we traveled to the Bent Brewery in Roseville. Here we sampled several of their kinds of beer and cider on draft in glasses or in “flights.” A flight consists of four small glasses of different kinds of beer served in a unique tray. In that way one can compare beverages and choose the beer one likes best. It was fun to share and compare, sitting on high bar stools and enjoying talk with friends. We did a bit of singing too, with Ruth Gaylord banging out The Beer Barrel Polka on the piano.


Our final stop was at the Episcopal Homes, which has a bar on site with an adjoining patio. On this lovely day we were outdoors in comfortable chairs in a huge circle, again with lots of talk and a drink.  Perhaps the final drink of that afternoon was something besides beer.  We were joined by Dick Anderson, “alumnus” of Becketwood, who charmed us with his stories. As the afternoon drew to a close we were ready to return to Becketwood in good spirits and grateful for such companionship and adventure.


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  • David Liddle July 27, 2016, 2:47 pm

    Thanks Mickey. Sounds like a fun afternoon. Makes me wish we’d been able to make it!