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Child Reading in Our Garden Plot

by Milda Ruud, Becketwood Member

When we moved to Becketwood, we were happy that we would be able to have a small flower and vegetable garden. This gave us the opportunity to keep one of our “Children Reading” garden statues. As a Title One Reading teacher, I was attracted to garden statues of children reading. Over the years I had collected thirteen child-related garden statues, which were scattered over our one-acre lot in Bloomington. When we moved to Becketwood, we kept one statue for our Becketwood garden and the rest now rest happily in the gardens of our three children.

We feel very blessed to be able to continue gardening on a smaller scale. This is a wonderful Becketwood advantage for us.

milda 2

Spectacle of a Lifetime

by Susan Foster, Becketwood Member

To Intrepid Becketwoodians:

A total eclipse of the sun in the Midwest neighborhood is coming on August 21, 2017.

The closest area to us will be Nebraska, about 300 miles away. A map is posted downstairs, but the internet is full of information about next year’s eclipse.

Bottom line: Don’t miss it if you can go; it is the chance and spectacle of a lifetime. Hitchhike or charter a bus; it will be worth it. Any members who have seen one should make it known so others can question you about how you felt when it happened and what occurred during “totality.” Totality occurs in a 30-mile swath through the state.


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