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Two Poems about the Election

The opinions stated in each article are solely the opinion of the author, and should not be attributed to Becketwood unless expressly indicated.

The Mourning After

By Wayne Tellekson, Becketwood Member

In 2000, millions voted in the election, & the popular vote went to Gore.
The Electoral College & Supreme Court chose Bush, and we went to war.
In ’16 Hillary got more votes, but E.C. vote goes to Trump.
With his bankruptcies and amorality, our future is in the dump.
Gridlock has frozen Congress,  “do nothing” would be praise.
Now they’re our best hope which shows the depths of our malaise.
Pence will be Vice President and has more piety than sense.
The politicized Supreme Court hardly inspires confidence.
Jason Lewis got elected--- says his rant was “just his job.”
My fears for our future make my heart rate throb.
The football coach at Bemidji State got fired for a racial slur.
But after 20 years of coaching, one slur makes him an amateur.
By comparison, Trump regularly demeaned women, Latinos and Blacks.
Contestants, seat mates, reporters and beauty queens feared his attacks.
He brushed off complaints and wounded egos – “just Mickey Mouse.”
Then he ends up – not fired, but en route to the White House!
If you’re Gay, Black, Latino or an Immigrant, you now live in fear.
If you’re not, you need to assure those who are, that support is here.
Diversity has always been the strength of our great nation.
Lutefisk, tacos, spaghetti, samosas, and egg rolls give our diet fascination.
If the brokenness of our nation now seems beyond repair,
We trust in God’s awesome though mysterious plan and turn in prayer.
The God who challenges and confronts the divider also helps us see our flaws.
We also need forgiveness and then need to trust that ours is a nation of laws.


November 9, 2016

By Susan Foster, Becketwood Member

There’s a pall over Becketwood
Not a smile to be seen
It’s Nov. 9th, the day after
what, by many, is not keen.

What to do?, What to say?
Some say “I will pray.”
Others say, “I will fight
with all my might.”

Still others say, “I will stay in the Light.”
I do not know the future or
what it will bring
But I believe in the King of everything.

So, do not worry
Give of yourself and
You will see
What will be, will be.





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  • Barbara White November 30, 2016, 1:44 pm

    Susan and Wayne, you each say so much in your own way. Thank you. I wish you each were writing about someone else and we were marching to the tune of a different drummer.

  • Elaine Churchill November 30, 2016, 7:18 pm

    And I say AMEN,