Becketwood Cooperative
An Active, Independent 55+ Community of Owners in Minneapolis

MAC Committees…Not!

by Bob Kirk, Becketwood Member, Member Activities Council chair

The typical Becketwood Member starts their day with serious Exercise at 8, Tai Chi at 8:30, Chair Exercise at 9, finishing with Pilates or Yoga at 9:30. As an alternative, some go biking together at 9AM.

By 10 the members cool down with coffee and conversations in the Workshop or at the Pantry. Book groups also meet in the mornings.

After lunch the Members play a serious game of Ping Pong, or Bridge or Bingo. They also Knit and Quilt. At 3:30 the Socrates Café asks the Universal Questions and at four the Martini Salon or Happy Hour tries to answer them.

After dinner members play Scrabble and Bridge, with the serious players finishing off with poker.

Now it is important to note that all these activities are organized and run without MAC involvement. They have no committee meetings nor do they write any reports. They meet and make decisions by consensus. They are, however, an important part of Becketwood.

More significantly they show just how active and vital the people are here. Let us continue to celebrate and encourage these less formal but no less important activities at Becketwood.



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  • Ruth October 26, 2017, 2:59 pm

    Thank you, Bob. There’s SO MUCH to love about Becketwood!!!