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A Mission: Healthy Plate, Healthy Planet

Introduction by Carol Spearman, Carol Masters and other Becketwood Members. Photos by Judith Maddux.

Healthy Plate Healthy Planet Series

Our mission is to help Becketwood Members understand the connections between what they are eating, their health, and the health of those they care about and the health of our planet.

In mid-February a group of us, with the assistance of food chair Judith Maddux and Rowland Joiner, set up eight “learning stations” to focus on food issues and healthy choices. We wished to show, as Helen Gilbert hoped in a blog several months ago, that “More information … can help us understand ourselves better as part of a huge system of planting, growing, shopping, cooking, eating, and healing that can support the earth and us simultaneously.”

We set some goals for this endeavor:

  • Provide members with information about the food they are eating including products and ingredients used in meals at Becketwood;
  • Use the Becketwood web page and blog to build interest in the concepts of making the connections between food choices, our health and the well-being of the planet for both current and potential members;
  • Increase the amount of information available to members about food and its potential impact on our health and the planet through films, library books and materials, informational notebooks, bulletin boards and events;
  • Coordinate information sharing and activities with the Environmental, Wellness, Food Service Committees and other relevant committees;
  • Provide additional grocery shopping opportunities for healthy food through trips to cooperatives;
  • Develop a process to ensure that members with food sensitivities can participate in dining and social opportunities at Becketwood and that the food service is optimal and affordable for all members; and
  • Plan and provide an event/events with other committees to increase awareness of the relationship between food and personal and planetary health.

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In the next few weeks, individual presenters will provide more information as blogs on their particular food issues.

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  • Dee Schaefer March 12, 2018, 11:20 pm

    It is very exciting to be part of this enlightening series of activities. Special thanks to you, Carol, and to your creative team.