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One Carbon Footprint

by Rowland Joiner, Becketwood Member

And a little child shall lead them

Well, she was only fifteen when it started and she is less than five feet tall. Greta Thunberg, Swedish schoolgirl, has swiftly become a household name, alongside her slogan Skolstrejt For Klimatet. (Say it out loud if you cannot immediately translate it). First she sat alone on the steps of her national parliament, and today I read of schoolchildren in two hundred European cities missing school on Friday afternoons to protest that governments are not doing enough to combat global warming, which is threatening the planet and their future. They are being joined by schoolchildren in India, Uganda, the US and elsewhere.

Greta Thunberg (image Wikipedia)

I like the story of the father who learned that his daughter was among the protesters. Should he tell her how proud he was of her because of the stand she was taking, or should he reprimand her for taking time off school so that as a typical teenager she would still have something to rebel against!

We all need to take this growing threat to the planet seriously. Emissions of carbon dioxide are doing irreparable harm to planet earth, our home. But what can we do? Is there any way in which we can reduce this danger? Yes. Every little helps. We must hold our politicians to account, and we must explore ways in which we as individuals and we as a community might learn how we can reduce our carbon footprint, our dependence on the fossil fuels that are endangering the future of our children and grandchildren.

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