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Family Connections

By Carol Masters, Becketwood Member

Easing from winter into spring has never been easy in our climate—but the music programs we’re privileged to hear at Becketwood give our hearts a boost as we gradually bid the snows goodbye!

The Camerata Brass harmonies were bright and enlivening; the Eclectic Whirlwind—all-original acoustic guitar music, a blend of Danish/Norwegian, British and American folk—was indeed deftly varied; and Just One More (Quartet) gave us plenty of reasons to ask for more.

But those young energies of the Mulhern Irish School Dancers and voices of the Trinity Chamber Singers brought uncommon joy to the to Becketwood audience.

The Mulhern School has several branches in the Chicago and Minneapolis area, where dancers from as young as four to high school seniors learn the basics in feet placement, carriage, music/timing and, especially, love of dance. Their own enjoyment was palpable as they amazed us with their dazzling costumes, the speedy footwork and skill. Many of the young ones who danced have placed well in international competitions. The trio pictured below are great-granddaughters of Becketwood Member Eunice Milbrath.

Another musically accomplished relative is Member Ruth Gaylord’s son Andrew, director of the Trinity High School Chamber Singers. From the plangent harmonies of Thomas Tallis and other 16th century composers to Gilbert and Sullivan and John Taverner, the choir’s young voices blended effortlessly, whether they were accompanied or a cappella. They moved, too—cruising to the back of the Wellington Room, to the second-floor “overlook,” to the side rooms and aisles, creating a unique “skip and surround-sound.” We hope for a return engagement of both well-connected groups.

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