Becketwood Cooperative
An Active, Independent 55+ Community of Owners in Minneapolis


One of Becketwood Members’ goals is to recycle as much as possible. Member Dee Schaefer discovered that her bag of recyclables along with the garage table for discarded yet usable items were revealing sources of reflection.

By Dee Schaefer, Becketwood Member

Becketwood’s Give-Away/Take-Away Table

Five terra-cotta flowerpots
Two plastic water bottles
A small bisque angel playing an accordion
A small bisque angel holding an artist’s palette
A painted, ceramic bride and groom
A decorative perforated green ceramic pear
A tangle of wooden, plastic, and metal hangers
A drum-shaped basket filled with fake plastic greens and berries
A large plastic bag stuffed with small plastic pieces marked “Do not reuse”
A medium-sized wooden-framed mirror
Three glass vases
Two decorative orange cowbells
A wooden Greek cross with a piece missing
A green plastic gingerbread-boy cutter
A small white canvas with painted heart and flowers and the message “You are Loved”
A ceramic laminated book with gilded pages open to the Lord’s Prayer
A pink silk jewelry pouch
A Crate & Barrel beige cardigan with a zipper

And a small Chinese basket in the shape of a duck, which I promptly selected as my Take-Away of the Day.

You Are What You Recycle: Deconstruction of A Paper Bag of Recyclables

A paper carton for organic roasted red pepper and tomato soup
A paper box for Armenian organic sesame crackers
A clear plastic bin for freshly made guacamole
A clear plastic bin for organic baby spinach spring mix
A cardboard wrapper for French steamed lentils
A pile of outdated Twin Cities Public Television magazines
A black plastic recyclable tray for sliced mushrooms
A plastic bin for Italian kiwis
A carton for organic pasture-raised 2% reduced fat milk.

Who is this shopper? An aspiring vegetarian supporting the organic food industry.


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