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Residence Rivals: Becketwood vs. Svenskavood

By Sven (as found by Howard Bergstrom*), Becketwood Member

Ever since it became known that Lena had divorced Ole and had married me, I have often been asked to elaborate about this. You may recall that Ole moved to Svenskavood, following the divorce.

After a few years, Lena and I paid down with our trailer and also moved to Svenskavood.  Now that both Ole and Lena have been laid to rest, I now feel free to compare Svenskavood with Becketwood — our long-standing senior residence-rival.

Minnesota has many senior residences known as “cooperatives.” Surveys are taken that reveal residents’ characteristics.

Becketwood was founded by Episcopalians, but with few remaining. It has the largest proportion of Members with college degrees while Svenskavood has the fewest.

Svenskavood was founded by religiously unidentified Swedish immigrants. Its common areas are furnished exclusively from IKEA’s quarterly Returns Sales.

Becketwood was built on what was once a farm. Current residents spend very much time talking about weeds. Svenskavood’s weeds merely age-in-place.

Svenskavood’s only health requirement for admission is that prospective buyers must have a body temperature greater than room temperature, except on some summer days, as we don’t have air conditioning (hence we are often known as “Sweltering Arms”).

Becketwood also has a requirement for being admitted, which is enough money. And it does have air conditioning. Its primary admissions problem is that most get much older while on some waiting list.

Svenskavood will assume ownership of one’s trailer as the down payment. And for those having dual citizenship with Sweden, pre-authorized deportation papers are securely kept — just in case.

Becketwood’s Strategic Imperatives describe its Members as “active, engaged.”

Svenskavood Cooperative doesn’t care if its residents are engaged — or married, for that matter. And, of course, some do become active, now and then.

Editor’s note:  After the foregoing was found (and is herein published) it’s been learned that Lena, before she met Ole, had a reputation for being fickle.  One summer she was engaged to a guy with a wooden leg but she broke it off.

*Becketwood Member Howard Bergstrom found this page among the memorabilia left in the estate of Sven (a distant relative)—in which Sven compares Becketwood with Svenskavood (the latter was introduced in an Ole/Lena blog, a year ago.)


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  • carol bechtel July 4, 2019, 1:32 am

    Howard, I love the thought that weeds age in place at Svenkskavood.

  • Barbara White July 7, 2019, 10:58 am

    This Nebraskan
    Can’t hep laughin”.

    Howard, you are so funny. Barbara White

  • Anonymous July 7, 2019, 11:08 pm

    Thank you Howard for a good story. I am very glad we did not go to Swelltering Arms

  • Anonymous July 10, 2019, 9:37 pm

    A Dane living at Svenskvood is rarer that Norskevood or Svanskavood, but love is too. DJ

    • Carol Spearman July 28, 2019, 7:05 pm

      Love your sense of humor.