Becketwood Cooperative
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Life Matters / Small Groups:  Part II

By Susan Devries. Mickey Monsen, Cec Wilson Holder, Ruth Halvorson, Kate Tucker, Jan Young, Becketwood Members

This is a continuation of a recent blog entitled “A Small Group Experience.” Please refer to that blog for specific details. To briefly recap, a group of seven Becketwood residents have met regularly for almost a year to explore life issues at a deeper level. Each time we met, we focused upon one topic, reflected upon it, and individually talked to the group about the topic’s relevance in our lives. A strong emphasis was upon intentional listening, honoring the story each of us shared. We focused upon developing trust, honesty, and confidentiality.

Our group wishes to thank those of you who have already expressed interest in trying the small group experience. We would like to offer this same experience to any Becketwood residents and Waiting List members. All are welcome to participate. There is a sign-up sheet with the title “Life Matters/Small Groups” on the ledge with three time options for an introductory session. Ideally, there will be up to seven members in each group. The dates and times are only for the first meeting. Each group can decide when they wish to meet on a regular basis. As our group met in one of the member’s apartment, we suggest the same for you.

One or two members of our original group will meet with the new groups to assist with format, structure, and initiation of the group. We can supply some topics for you to consider, or you can decide upon your own topics. We will focus upon the topic of listening in this first session. We invite those who are interested to consider what “major life issues” means to each of you.

Our hope is that each group talks about the structure and function of their group, and how they want this group to be. It is not our intent to direct these groups, but rather to help you launch your own groups. After the first meeting or two, we can be available for questions if the group would like that.

Those who sign up will receive a few sample documents of how we structured our group experience, but it will be up to you as a group to decide how you wish to structure your own group.

If you have any questions, please contact Jan Young. (If you are on the Waiting List and wish to participate, please contact the office at (612) 722-4077 to sign up.)


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