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New Member Orientation

By Carla Mortensen, Becketwood Member

Editor’s Note:  While none of these “getting to know you” gatherings are being held in person currently, all Members are encouraged to continue to reach out in safe, creative ways to new Members as they are able! Maybe a phone call or email, or a welcome note in their mailbox!

At the last new member reception in January, I was reminded of the “getting to know you” phase that began when we moved to Becketwood. We were part of a relatively large cohort who moved in about the same time. Since building community at Becketwood is an ongoing theme, I will share what has worked for our group.

After our reception, it seemed natural to get to know these new people more, so we invited them to our home for a glass of wine. Affinity, location, and mutual interests are all building blocks for relationships. We found that we all shared a love of good food, although there were various allergies, and sensitivities so we worked to plan creative meals together in the Windsor Room and, when the weather improved, out in Kensington Square. This sharing of food is a convivial and intimate experience and led to more conversation about how we wanted to be part of the BW community. We all wanted to be actively engaged and all seemed to be involving themselves in committees and work groups.

We also wanted to talk with new members as they move in about all of the other ways to get acquainted. Many floor neighborhoods at Becketwood plan a coffee or other get-together to welcome new neighbors. Eating in the dining room is a great way to meet people who may not live close to you, as is joining a work group. I initially chose recycling as I am able and willing to take recycling down to the garage for neighbors unable to do so. Joel found the workshop to be equipped with higher quality tools than he had used in his own shop and found the social connections at 10 am coffee to be important and lively.

Our mentors, Bob and Gail Onan, were wise and helpful in navigating many of the unwritten rules and expectations in the building. That inspired us to give back by volunteering to do the same. This gives us an opportunity to find out how new members are navigating and acculturating.

I believe that there are infinite possibilities to connect with new members as well as get to know those who have lived here through the evolution of our community.

Hip Hip Hurra by artist Peder Krøyer


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  • Vanjie Bratt April 14, 2020, 3:28 am

    What a great painting, Hip Hip Hurra to illustrate group congeniality here at Becketwood. Thanks Carla for sharing lots of great ideas that make Becketwood a wonderful place.

  • Anonymous April 14, 2020, 9:30 am

    Thanks Carla.