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Newspapers at Becketwood

By Bob Kirk, Becketwood Member

Newspapers are alive and well read at Becketwood. Day or night there always seems to be someone reading the New York Times or the Star Tribune or doing the crossword puzzles in the pantry coffee area.

In the age of digital media, 50% of Becketwood’s Units still subscribe to a daily or Sunday paper. This compares with only 39% of seniors (65+) nationally subscribing to newspapers.1 At Becketwood, the older Members are more likely to subscribe to a newspaper. (Figure 1 shows the percentage of subscribers versus their ages at Becketwood.)

In addition, twenty Becketwood Members share a subscription to the New York Times, which is available in the Pantry coffee area. The Times has catalyzed numerous political and social discussions, proving that diversity of opinions is definitely not lacking at Becketwood.

1Pew Research Center, 12/18/2018


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  • SONJA WALKER May 2, 2020, 2:07 pm

    Yep! I like how the ink soaks into the paper when I do my puzzles!