Becketwood Cooperative
An Active, Independent 55+ Community of Owners in Minneapolis

Kari Tweiten-MacDonald

A Small Group Experience

By Susan DeVries, Kate Tucker, Ruth Halvorson, Mickey Monsen, Cecilia Wilson Holder, and Jan Young, Becketwood Members In the winter of 2019, a working subgroup of the Chapel Committee developed a survey of Becketwood Members’ religious affiliations and spiritual desires. A number of responses to the survey indicated an interest in becoming part of a […] Read more

Dancing with The Mariachis

By Rosemary Rawson, Becketwood Member I’d been on the “Ready to buy” list at Becketwood for almost a year, but the phone call from Maura still came as a bit of a surprise. Was I really ready to leave Tucson where I’d lived for over thirty years and learned to love? Mike and Linda moved […] Read more

Tumbleweed Christmas

By Naomi Jackson, Becketwood Member December 2019 In September 1956, when I was two months old, my parents moved to South Dakota to serve two rural Congregational churches. This was a very long ways from their native Massachusetts, and everything was different, including Christmas. Evergreen trees don’t grow well in eastern South Dakota, and only […] Read more

A New Look at the Silent Generation

By Iric Nathanson, Becketwood Member It took me a while to realize that the label used to describe my demographic cohort offended me. The group ahead of us, the Greatest Generation, was credited with preserving democracy and winning World War II. Those coming after us, the “Boomers,” rolled through American life in huge waves and […] Read more

Why You Didn’t See Me In October

By Naomi Jackson, Becketwood Member November 2019 People have been inquiring, “Have you been gone? I haven’t seen you for awhile.” No, I haven’t been gone. Yes, you haven’t seen me for a while. Why? In a word, carpet. New carpet. As some of you know, I have a condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). […] Read more