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Kari Tweiten-MacDonald

Sun Moods

By Hilvie Ostrow, Becketwood Member The sun relaxes in the sand And, like a lazy centipede, Projects a hundred glowing feet, Igniting tips of waves with jeweled crowns of incandescent light Then, like some sweet contagious malady, Infects the beach with warmth. It wraps a copper coat around the pallid backs And hungry limbs of […] Read More

Gulls and Crows as Signs of Spring

Ongoing Series:  Real Life on the North Shore by Jane Johnson, Becketwood Member I’ll be honest—for most of my life I hadn’t given gulls and crows much thought. I’m more of a colorful warbler kind of girl. However, after we moved to the North Shore in retirement, I became more aware of both. Crows and […] Read More

First Flowers, First Bees: Fernwood Glen

by Naomi Jackson, Becketwood Member On Earth Day 2017, after a busy morning collecting trash, I was introduced to Fernwood Glen by my trash-collecting companions. Half a dozen early spring flowers (ephemerals) were showing their colors. Some were familiar; others I’d never seen before. Knowing how short-lived these early flowers are, after I cleaned up […] Read More

Unwelcome Persistent Vultures!

by Vanjie Bratt, Becketwood Member Last week I made a huge pot of chicken broth — using mostly backs, necks and chicken feet, which I simmered slowly for about 18 hours. On Friday afternoon, March 30, I strained the rich broth off the bones, skin and sinews and stored a gallon of delicious stock in small […] Read More

Real Life on the North Shore

by Jane Johnson, Becketwood Member  A new blog series:  Introduction Many of you know that Ken and I spend much of the year at our home on the North Shore. In fact, at this point in our life, we call our Becketwood unit our “urban cabin.” Many members at Becketwood have connections to the North Shore. […] Read More