Becketwood Cooperative
An Active, Independent 55+ Community of Owners in Minneapolis

Kari Tweiten-MacDonald

Family Connections

By Carol Masters, Becketwood Member Easing from winter into spring has never been easy in our climate—but the music programs we’re privileged to hear at Becketwood give our hearts a boost as we gradually bid the snows goodbye! The Camerata Brass harmonies were bright and enlivening; the Eclectic Whirlwind—all-original acoustic guitar music, a blend of […] Read more

Becketwood’s Early Morning Easter Worship 2019

by Joel Wiberg, Becketwood Member and Presiding Minister, Early Morning Easter Worship This year’s community Easter worship will be a service with both Word and Sacrament. Let me explain briefly. The Christian community in all parts of the world has a wide variety of worship practices. We can see this variety as a spectrum from […] Read more

Thin Places

by Peggy Ryden, Becketwood Member One never knows where a conversation may lead at Becketwood. Recently, at a Monday Martini Salon (Happy Hour) in the Solarium, a meandering conversation led to a discussion about spirituality and where one might experience it. I mentioned the concept of “thin places”— where the boundaries of heaven and earth […] Read more

What’s a Carbon Footprint and How Big Is Mine?

by Rowland Joiner, Becketwood Member I take size thirteen in shoes but my carbon footprint is something different. A carbon footprint is the way of measuring the sum of emissions of carbon dioxide and smaller quantities of similar gases caused by a particular activity (like cooking) that consumes fossil fuels in any given timeframe. So […] Read more

Becketwood’s Secret Weapons

by Maura Kolars, Becketwood Staff I love flowers—all kinds and every color. With a degree in Horticulture, I immersed myself in learning about flowers while in college. I completed an internship at Bachman’s Floral on Lyndale, working with expert growers in the greenhouses and seeing so many things come to life—red poinsettias, cheerful pansies, delicate […] Read more