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Kari Tweiten-MacDonald

The Ennea—WHAT?

By Jean Geissler, Becketwood Member I discovered the Enneagram in the late 1980s. Ever since, it has served me well. This ancient wisdom is a tool for transformation that helps me better understand myself and others, enriching relationships. This system of personality development is now taught worldwide, but 30 years ago it was known mainly […] Read More

A Perfect Start To Your Day? Maybe Not!

by Carol Spearman, Becketwood Member Most of us heard about the recent report that breakfast cereals and other food products contain glyphosate, including Quaker Oats. Many people consume oat products; physicians and dietitians recommend them as a good choice for breakfast, particularly for those with diabetes and heart issues. The American Heart Association certifies that […] Read More

My Artistic Journey from Pottery to Chinese Painting

by Vanjie Bratt, Becketwood Member Some of Vanjie’s paintings and pottery will be in the October Art Show in the Becketwood Galleries and Display Case. The photograph is in front of a Scandinavian hutch that she designed and had constructed. The flower garden Mother planted in front of our small 1888 farmhouse is one of […] Read More

Yes, Pigs Can Fly

By Peggy Ryden, Becketwood Member While visiting the Member’s Workshop admiring Leif Duus magically transform a block of wood into a figure, Roger casually asked: “Have you ever made a pig with wings?” and showed him his business card with a flying pig.  Leif chuckled and said “No.” The next week we overheard a conversation […] Read More

The 1500 Servings Project

Healthy Plate, Healthy Planet Series: by Anita Doyle, Becketwood Member August 2018 The arrival of canning season and ongoing questions about food justice bring back memories of an important project we took on a decade ago: The 1500 Servings Project. It started with the question, “Why are we doing this?” It was July, and we […] Read More