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Linda Back McKay

Ideas for out-of-town visitors

Ideas for out-of-town visitors      Roland Minda, Friend of Becketwood  My tried and true choices First—how this list came about: For about 10 years–2000 to 2010–I produced and hosted a local interview TV show called “Strictly Seniors.” To keep it lively, I had the theory that any subject was fair game, including favorite local […] Read more

What do you think about aging?

What do you think about aging?      Linda Back McKay, Member Is aging a blessing or a curse? My husband and I always say, “Well, it sure beats the alternative!” Ads in the media tell us to do anything and everything to avoid the inevitable. Get rid of those wrinkles, blemishes, gray hair and belly […] Read more

The Becketwood welcome breakfast: Especially for men

The Becketwood welcome breakfast: Especially for men      Doug Heron, Ray Mikkelson and Paul Zoschke, Becketwood Members Becketwood hosts regular events for our Waiting List Members to provide information and help people feel comfortable and a part of our community. Following are a few excerpts from the presentations that were given in April of this […] Read more

The Great Minneapolis Walk-Around

The Great Minneapolis Walk-Around      Faith Lindell, Becketwood Member Editor’s Note: This is a great idea for a family outing – especially since Spring has decided to finally show up. Add some of the outdoor spots along the light rail line, such as Minnehaha Falls and Gold Medal Park, right next to the Guthrie. Having […] Read more

Fragments of Winter Into Spring

Fragments of Winter Into Spring      Stephanie Gordon, Member Sidewalks wet with muddy sludge Old remnants of torn autumn leaves Crackling thin films of ice Pooled, shallow, dirty water Sticks and pebbles stuck in cracks And I, gingerly walking home.   I lift my chest, swing my arms Breathe deeply Chilly air feels fresh No […] Read more