Becketwood Cooperative
An Active, Independent 55+ Community of Owners in Minneapolis

Life Matters / Small Groups:  Part II

By Susan Devries. Mickey Monsen, Cec Wilson Holder, Ruth Halvorson, Kate Tucker, Jan Young, Becketwood Members This is a continuation of a recent blog entitled “A Small Group Experience.” Please refer to that blog for specific details. To briefly recap, a group of seven Becketwood residents have met regularly for almost a year to explore […] Read more

Denizen of the Becketwood Area

by Stephanie Gordon, Becketwood Member On Thursday, December, 26, 2019, about 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon, I was sitting in our turret, when, outside, something white streaked by the periphery of my left eye.  I jumped up from my chair, looking out the windows toward the Chapel.  By this time the giant bird had already […] Read more

A Small Group Experience

By Susan DeVries, Kate Tucker, Ruth Halvorson, Mickey Monsen, Cecilia Wilson Holder, and Jan Young, Becketwood Members In the winter of 2019, a working subgroup of the Chapel Committee developed a survey of Becketwood Members’ religious affiliations and spiritual desires. A number of responses to the survey indicated an interest in becoming part of a […] Read more

Dancing with The Mariachis

By Rosemary Rawson, Becketwood Member I’d been on the “Ready to buy” list at Becketwood for almost a year, but the phone call from Maura still came as a bit of a surprise. Was I really ready to leave Tucson where I’d lived for over thirty years and learned to love? Mike and Linda moved […] Read more

Tumbleweed Christmas

By Naomi Jackson, Becketwood Member December 2019 In September 1956, when I was two months old, my parents moved to South Dakota to serve two rural Congregational churches. This was a very long ways from their native Massachusetts, and everything was different, including Christmas. Evergreen trees don’t grow well in eastern South Dakota, and only […] Read more