Becketwood Cooperative
An Active, Independent 55+ Community of Owners in Minneapolis

Pasque Flower

By Ingrid Stocking, Becketwood Member   I am the first sign of Spring in Marnie’s garden. She planted me many years ago. Look for me. I stand proudly in the front row. You will know me by my feathery foliage and color of Royal Purple. Marauding grass plants Slipped inside of me, planning to kill […] Read more

So, where ‘ya at?

By George Lundgren, Becketwood Member  Saints go marchin’ Thieves go robbin’ Birds keep singin’ it While most of us keep wingin’ it. Fruit falls down Kids grow up Branches stick out And crybabies pout. Boats float Pancakes flop Young girls faint And men…. well…. angels… they ain’t. Sweet potatoes grow TVs and radios don’t know […] Read more

Sacred Places-Sacred Spaces: A Holy Week Pilgrimage to New Mexico

By Rick Weber, Becketwood Member We remember being humbled in 1964 when the Second Vatican Council pointed out that God calls people into a spiritual relationship through many, if not all, authentic religious traditions. Since that time we have tried to understand and recognize the values all seekers of this relationship bring to our common […] Read more

My Journey With Electric Cars

By Nancie Hamlett, Becketwood Member This is a story I love to tell! I began my journey with electric cars after seeing the film “Who Killed the Electric Car?” Powerful documentary. I purchased my first electric car in 2007, a Zap Xebra (pronounced “zebra” and you could even purchase a model with stripes!). It was a […] Read more

Protest and Sacred Spaces

By Carol Masters, Becketwood Member On MPR recently, a newscast about Derek Chauvin’s upcoming trial quoted a prospective juror as saying George Floyd Square was “holy ground.” That echoed what I’d been thinking lately about sacred spaces. I name two sacred spaces, one in the past and one very much present in our minds and […] Read more