Becketwood Cooperative
An Active, Independent 55+ Community of Owners in Minneapolis

Photos & Videos

Becketwood is a lively community of active independent people starting at age 55. Sometimes pictures show more than words. Take a look at some of our recent photos and videos.

Active Living

Biking, yoga, tai chi — there are so many fun ways to meet others and stay active here at Becketwood! Below you’ll find a sampling of what residents enjoy. Find more fun activities here.


Becketwood's many thoughtful services and amenities enhance the lifestyle of all of our Members. See some video previews of benefits you could enjoy.

Art Gallery

Anyone who visits Becketwood will notice the beautiful artwork we have through out the building. In our gallery, we showcase the work of artists from Becketwood and beyond and rotate curated items from the collections of Becketwood residents. Here’s a recent collection we thought you would enjoy. You can find still more examples of past shows here.

The Great Outdoors

Becketwood is an urban oasis. Close to the culture and conveniences that St. Paul and Minneapolis has to offer, the property and proximity to the Mississippi River and Minnehaha Park allows those with a deep appreciation for nature to feel at home. Here’s a sample of the great outdoors right in our backyard. Find more wonders here.



Events & Excursions

You’ll love the many fun, diverse, and stimulating activities we have at Becketwood! Whether you’re enjoying a lecture from a UMN professor, or wood working in our shop, there’s always lots to do. Here’s an example of a recent activity. Check out more activities.

Hobbies & Interests

Becketwood Members stay active and engaged in so many different ways. From lifelong hobbies to newly discovered interests, we hope to highlight just a few ways in which Members spend their free time. See what our members are up to!





Collecting Tractors from Becketwood Cooperative on Vimeo.