Becketwood Cooperative
An Active, Independent 55+ Community of Owners in Minneapolis

Make a Sound Investment

Shot of Becketwood exterior in the afternoon sunshine.Becketwood membership is a sound investment. The property here at Becketwood is worth more than $60 million, and we own it free and clear. Our strong balance sheet with no long-term liabilities makes Becketwood a smart investment. Ongoing sound financial management is key.

Careful long-term planning coupled with a substantial reserve fund has enabled Becketwood to make improvements and upgrades. Unlike some condo associations and senior co-ops, Becketwood has never imposed a special assessment for maintenance and repairs.

Our units have shown a steady appreciation over our 26-year history. We have a salaried, licensed Realtor/Broker in-house, which means only outgoing Members pay a fee to sell, and there are no closing costs. Our Waiting List helps ensure that buyers are available when Members are ready to sell their units, something few other  55 plus communities can claim.

Becketwood solarium where many Members enjoy the newspaper or a quiet chat.

Our competitive advantages make Becketwood a good investment even during times of financial uncertainties. A new generation of prospective Members will always want to live here because we are the only  "in town" active independent cooperative community in the Twin Cities on a 12-acre riverfront site, with such easy access to all the resources of the area.