Becketwood Cooperative
An Active, Independent 55+ Community of Owners in Minneapolis

What is a Cooperative?

Our cooperative ownership

Owning a membership in a housing cooperative is different from owning a condominium in a retirement community or other 55 plus community.

In a condo, each occupant owns the individual unit and a fractional share of the common space. In a co-op, we are all shareholders in the corporation that owns and operates the entire development, along with the rights to occupy our particular units.

BoardIn a condo, you own everything in your space. Here, with the exception of your personal belongings and the appliances, the cooperative owns everything in the unit such as the floor covering and plumbing. In many, but not all cases, if something needs to be repaired, the cooperative takes care of it. It gets fixed or replaced.

Our Members elect the Board of Directors as the governing body for the cooperative. The Board, along with our Manager, hires and oversees the professional staff that handles the work of the co-op on a day-to-day basis.

A few words on involvement

Belonging to a co-op is also a bit of a mindset. We’re a lively, eclectic and spirited group of people who believe in cooperative, democratic living. Each one of us has something to offer, and being active in our community helps ensure our success. Check out the Becketwood Organizational Chart.

There are so many ways to be involved – something for every person and personality. We have committees, work teams, individual projects and many other ways to contribute to our vibrant community.

If you are interested in promoting Becketwood, you might want to join the Marketing Committee. If food or flowers are more your thing, there are specialized groups that you can work with. You might be interested in helping arrange programs or excursions. Some of the other areas of participation include Wellness, Building & Grounds, Finance, Landscape, Library and Website.

You are invited to become a Waiting List Member. Bring your energy, talents and skills to add to the enriching Becketwood mix. This spirit of involvement and participation is a key component of active independent senior living here at Becketwood.