Becketwood Cooperative
An Active, Independent 55+ Community of Owners in Minneapolis

Our Vision

Our vision for the future is incorporated in a series of recommendations known as the Strategic Imperatives. We are implementing many of the action steps included in this strategic plan.

Vibrant Lifestyle and Culture

As new Members join our cooperative community, it’s important to change with the times, keeping Becketwood a place where people are active, engaged and community-aware. Click here for more details. 

Green Goals

We want to do what we can for our 12 wooded acres, our location on the river bluffs, our neighborhood and the planet. Looking to the long term, it is essential that Becketwood continues to implement changes that will benefit and preserve our environment. Here are more details about our green ethic.

Find out about the latest about our composting and recycling efforts here.

Refurbishment and maintenance details are here.


Community Participation

We at Becketwood think it’s important to participate in our local neighborhood and larger Twin Cities community. Find out details about community involvement here.

Property Stewardship

One of the best things about Becketwood is our physical property. As our building ages, we need to keep abreast of what is needed to keep our building and grounds in top condition. Click here for details about preservation and enhancement of our property.

Sound Financial Management

Becketwood’s strong financial position is a direct result of the careful financial management we’ve had over the years. We pledge to continue keeping Becketwood in “the black.” See details about our sound financial management by clicking here.