Becketwood Cooperative
An Active, Independent 55+ Community of Owners in Minneapolis


Is Anybody There?

By Alan Cameron, MD, Becketwood Member The phone on the desk is ringing–the land line that usually asks me to donate to families of law enforcement officers gunned down by the anti-cop forces that are plotting constantly against the men in blue.  Sometimes a cheerful man will announce that he is selling insurance–but that will […] Read more

Patience Does Not Come Easy

By George Lundgren, Becketwood Member Patience does not come easy But waddles slowly, dragging its lizard tail. It dawdles through random chops of now, Squeezes between the blank spots of the blizzard, Sneaks through the cracks in the floor, Drips all night as it creeps up to the dawn. Or just trickles in under life’s […] Read more

Sacred Places-Sacred Spaces: A Holy Week Pilgrimage to New Mexico

By Rick Weber, Becketwood Member We remember being humbled in 1964 when the Second Vatican Council pointed out that God calls people into a spiritual relationship through many, if not all, authentic religious traditions. Since that time we have tried to understand and recognize the values all seekers of this relationship bring to our common […] Read more

My Journey With Electric Cars

By Nancie Hamlett, Becketwood Member This is a story I love to tell! I began my journey with electric cars after seeing the film “Who Killed the Electric Car?” Powerful documentary. I purchased my first electric car in 2007, a Zap Xebra (pronounced “zebra” and you could even purchase a model with stripes!). It was a […] Read more

Armchair Activism

By Carol Spearman, Becketwood Member Many of us at Becketwood have been physically active in causes for much of our lives, perhaps at civil rights and antiwar protests. Some of us marched and others committed to action that led to arrest and incarceration. As we age our ability to be activists at the level of the […] Read more