Becketwood Cooperative
An Active, Independent 55+ Community of Owners in Minneapolis


Residence Rivals: Becketwood vs. Svenskavood

By Sven (as found by Howard Bergstrom*), Becketwood Member Ever since it became known that Lena had divorced Ole and had married me, I have often been asked to elaborate about this. You may recall that Ole moved to Svenskavood, following the divorce. After a few years, Lena and I paid down with our trailer […] Read more


by Dick Juhl, Becketwood Member I had no idea that we are running so short of basic food items, many of them staples in our diets for many years. Perhaps a government investigation is in order.  Last week, while at a grocery store, I noted that bacon is now only 12 ounces per package. I […] Read more

Iceland & Sweden in the Fast Lane

by Shirley Dahlgren, Becketwood Member Yes, the fast lane! Traveling via wheelchair through airports gets you quickly to the head of the line and first on the plane (to the delight of my family accompanying me), and traveling in a wheelchair pushed by the young and fit over rough terrain and cobblestones can reach remarkable […] Read more

Ruminations during a Cruise of Contrasts

by Carol Spearman, Becketwood Member Rowland and I were looking forward to a trip across the ocean from Jamaica to the port of Tilbury, on the River Thames, about 15 minutes from our apartment in England. We flew to Jamaica two days early to avoid the possibility of a snowstorm. The delays in immigration, the […] Read more


One of Becketwood Members’ goals is to recycle as much as possible. Member Dee Schaefer discovered that her bag of recyclables along with the garage table for discarded yet usable items were revealing sources of reflection. By Dee Schaefer, Becketwood Member Becketwood’s Give-Away/Take-Away Table Five terra-cotta flowerpots Two plastic water bottles A small bisque angel […] Read more