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Mason City, Iowa

By John Fenn, Becketwood Member It wasn’t that long ago that Becketwood members were enjoying “normal” life and things like this excursion to Mason City, Iowa. Led by member Iric Nathanson, the group visited such places as the Louis Sullivan designed National Farmer’s Bank in Owatonna, the Frank Lloyd Wright Stockman House Museum and the […] Read more

Life Matters / Small Groups:  Part II

By Susan Devries. Mickey Monsen, Cec Wilson Holder, Ruth Halvorson, Kate Tucker, Jan Young, Becketwood Members This is a continuation of a recent blog entitled “A Small Group Experience.” Please refer to that blog for specific details. To briefly recap, a group of seven Becketwood residents have met regularly for almost a year to explore […] Read more

Denizen of the Becketwood Area

by Stephanie Gordon, Becketwood Member On Thursday, December, 26, 2019, about 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon, I was sitting in our turret, when, outside, something white streaked by the periphery of my left eye.  I jumped up from my chair, looking out the windows toward the Chapel.  By this time the giant bird had already […] Read more

A Small Group Experience

By Susan DeVries, Kate Tucker, Ruth Halvorson, Mickey Monsen, Cecilia Wilson Holder, and Jan Young, Becketwood Members In the winter of 2019, a working subgroup of the Chapel Committee developed a survey of Becketwood Members’ religious affiliations and spiritual desires. A number of responses to the survey indicated an interest in becoming part of a […] Read more

Why You Didn’t See Me In October

By Naomi Jackson, Becketwood Member November 2019 People have been inquiring, “Have you been gone? I haven’t seen you for awhile.” No, I haven’t been gone. Yes, you haven’t seen me for a while. Why? In a word, carpet. New carpet. As some of you know, I have a condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). […] Read more