Becketwood Cooperative
An Active, Independent 55+ Community of Owners in Minneapolis


From Minneapolis Nomads to Becketwood Settlers

By Tracy Gulliver, Becketwood Member I never expected to be a boomerang child, and certainly not in my fifties, so Todd and I appreciated my parents’ invitation to have us housesit over the winter. We hoped a unit at Becketwood would be available by the following spring. Between July and October, we had expressed interest […] Read More

Traveling Alone at 80

Part I: Why and How By Carol Bechtel, Becketwood Member Ever since 2010, when I participated in a Quaker Heritage tour that spent a week in northern England, I had wanted to return to experience the area more fully. In addition, I had not been to Scotland and wished to go there. I looked online […] Read More

Piano Bars

by John Teisberg, Becketwood Member Some Friday afternoons during Cookie Cart time, one of our talented pianist Members will play some familiar songs on the piano and I think back to 55 or 60 years ago. In those days there were a couple of places I might be on a Saturday night. One place was […] Read More

An Encounter of the Third Kind – My GMO Story

Healthy Plate, Healthy Planet Series: By Carol Spearman, Becketwood Member Several years ago a friend gave me the non-fiction book, Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey Smith, insisting I should read it. I dutifully did so and it changed my life. The first few chapters read like a thriller. The intriguing story was about a research […] Read More

In Search of Purpose

by Rosemary Rawson, Becketwood Member David Brooks, the columnist from the New York Times, once wrote a piece on finding the purpose of your life. He started it like this: “Every reflective person sooner or later faces certain questions: What is the purpose of my life? How do I find a moral compass so I […] Read More