Becketwood Cooperative
An Active, Independent 55+ Community of Owners in Minneapolis


Three Tips for REAL ID

by Angela Bohmann, Becketwood Member As you may have heard, effective October 1, 2020, a standard Minnesota driver’s license will not be sufficient identification to board a domestic flight in the US. A passport will be sufficient (and is necessary for international flights), but if you want to use your driver’s license as your ID […] Read more

Eight Years Evolution Of The Martini Salon

By Doug Herron, Becketwood Member A martini is my favorite alcoholic beverage, so eight years ago when walking by the gazebo on a warm afternoon, I was seduced by the sound of ice being shaken in a metal canister. Inside the pagoda savoring his drink and smoking a smelly cigar was John Fenn. I asked […] Read more

Carpet Installation Schedule

*Becketwood is getting a facelift! To help inform the Members, this blog is simply a letter to the Co-op from Executive Manager, Debbie Richman.  9/24/2019  It’s Finally Here – The Carpet Installation Schedule! This project will begin next Monday, September 30. I am providing the Master Schedule today so you can see what will be […] Read more

Ode to Barbara White

by Shirley Dahlgren, Becketwood Member  She of the botanical magic meticulous snipping and clipping boisterous buds, twigs and fronds creative blossom matchmaking sassy stems, sensuous petals unexpected containers dramatic color palettes generous, modest gifting of time and talent We of this realm of Becketwood are smitten, amazed (yea, gobsmacked) by the splashes of beauty, and […] Read more

Southview Spirit

by Carol Masters, Becketwood Member On what might have been a gloomy rainy weekend, the energy of children and song burst into Becketwood with the very young to maturing voices of the Southview Seventh Day Adventist Children’s Choir. From Poco Voce (ages three to six) to King’s Kids (six to teens) and a teenage duo […] Read more