Becketwood Cooperative
An Active, Independent 55+ Community of Owners in Minneapolis

Aging In Place Videos


We talk a lot about aging in place at Becketwood. Aging in place refers to the ability to live in one’s chosen home, comfortably and safely, for as long as possible. In this video series, Members discuss how Becketwood has enabled them to not only continue to live their lives at home but to flourish doing so.

Check back as we continue to post new videos in this series!

1. Dorothy Johnson
“Staying young in place”


2. Herb Doty
“65 year old bones and muscles on a 95 year old”


3. Ginny Groos
“This is a great neighborhood…I often think of it as a neighborhood. The hall is a street. The apartments are the houses. And we’ve got wonderful neighbors.”


4. Peg Hanson
“All I can say is [the aging process is] freeing.”


5. Ruth Halvorson
“Life continues to offer a person so much to grow into, and to learn. One never stops learning.”


6. Chuck Maddux
“This is not just a place to age in place, it’s a community itself.”


7. Anita Doyle & Naomi Jackson
“If I don’t want to be alone here, I don’t have to be alone here.”


8. Charles Wells
“I’m not giving up, I’m doing something different.”


9. Bonnie Sample
“Wind up living longer more actively at Becketwood…”


10. Gloria Delano
“To be able to just travel, lock a door and know that everything is secure when you come back.”