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Eating Locally: CSAs and More

by Naomi Jackson, Becketwood Member About 20 years ago, Anita and I were enjoying our church’s Mardi Gras festival. The silent auction offerings included a once-a-month share of vegetables from a local CSA (community supported agriculture farm). We didn’t know what a CSA was, but we were acquainted with the farmers and vegetables sounded good, […] Read More

Sun Moods

By Hilvie Ostrow, Becketwood Member The sun relaxes in the sand And, like a lazy centipede, Projects a hundred glowing feet, Igniting tips of waves with jeweled crowns of incandescent light Then, like some sweet contagious malady, Infects the beach with warmth. It wraps a copper coat around the pallid backs And hungry limbs of […] Read More

Gulls and Crows as Signs of Spring

Ongoing Series:  Real Life on the North Shore by Jane Johnson, Becketwood Member I’ll be honest—for most of my life I hadn’t given gulls and crows much thought. I’m more of a colorful warbler kind of girl. However, after we moved to the North Shore in retirement, I became more aware of both. Crows and […] Read More

First Flowers, First Bees: Fernwood Glen

by Naomi Jackson, Becketwood Member On Earth Day 2017, after a busy morning collecting trash, I was introduced to Fernwood Glen by my trash-collecting companions. Half a dozen early spring flowers (ephemerals) were showing their colors. Some were familiar; others I’d never seen before. Knowing how short-lived these early flowers are, after I cleaned up […] Read More

Unwelcome Persistent Vultures!

by Vanjie Bratt, Becketwood Member Last week I made a huge pot of chicken broth — using mostly backs, necks and chicken feet, which I simmered slowly for about 18 hours. On Friday afternoon, March 30, I strained the rich broth off the bones, skin and sinews and stored a gallon of delicious stock in small […] Read More