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The Sheltering Arms Mystery, Part 1

By Iric Nathanson, Becketwood Member We are posting Iric Nathanson’s latest discovery as a two-part series.   Watch for Part 2 in our next post. Editor’s Note Several years ago, when I was researching the history of the Sheltering Arms Orphanage at the Minnesota Historical Society, I came across a journal entitled Brick House Days. It […] Read more

A Pilgrimage to East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue

By Elene Loecher, Becketwood Member Thursday morning, June 4, my friend Mary and I made a pilgrimage to the memorial site for George Floyd at East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue in our city of Minneapolis. It was clear to both of us that this was not a drive to “look at” something. It was […] Read more

Dear Mister Floyd

by Kate Tucker, Becketwood Member DEAR MISTER FLOYD in pandemic times we learn that breath is everything look what we risk to keep it flowing in and out of lungs to feel it cool the nostrils to feel the breastbone rise to trust how it finds its way and feeds the blood in pandemic times […] Read more


By Carol Bechtel, Becketwood Member I am in the midst of an obsession right now. If you peered into my apartment, you might not be able to tell, because here I am with journal, phone, or book—but really, I am in England. I am on an imaginary trip to England, which is mostly a reliving […] Read more

Pollinator Resources and Notes

Healthy Planet, Healthy Plate series: By Carol Masters, Becketwood Member Editor’s note:  This blog is being re-posted from July 2017. Please see the addition and note below.* It was such a joy to meet Becketwood folks June 14.  Thank you so much for having me!  I mentioned a number of resources and wanted to share […] Read more