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A Mission: Healthy Plate, Healthy Planet

Introduction by Carol Spearman, Carol Masters and other Becketwood Members. Photos by Judith Maddux. Our mission is to help Becketwood Members understand the connections between what they are eating, their health, and the health of those they care about and the health of our planet. In mid-February a group of us, with the assistance of food […] Read More

Memorable Moments as a Minister

by Robert Ricks, Becketwood Member (as told to Carol Masters) A small congregation that I served in Illinois hadn’t had a baptism in eight years. They practiced total immersion to follow the example of Jesus, baptized by John in the River Jordan. The process seemed doable for me, young as I was. The font, a […] Read More

Selections from a Memoir

by Dee Schaefer, Becketwood Member At the suggestion of Member (and occasional blog-writer) Tracey Gulliver, a series of ongoing writing groups have been meeting at Becketwood. This has served as the incentive for the following collection.  -Ed.  A Collection of Vignettes What attracted me to the word vignette is that it comes from the French […] Read More

Who is Stronger, Girls or Boys?

by Robert Ricks, Becketwood Member (as told to Carol Masters) I served various congregations in Illinois and Iowa for a number of years and enjoyed that calling. I was able to work with many different people from different walks of life, and ecumenically across denominations. In fact, once, with a Catholic priest in our town […] Read More

New Art Works Unveiled

by Helen Gilbert, Becketwood Member On Friday, January 12, three new art works were unveiled in honor of Jerry Nordstrom. Jerry was the chair of the Art Committee, a former art teacher and theater director. Tributes in the program from his memorial celebration in May describe him as warm, generous, wise, imaginative, and skeptical of […] Read More