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Saving Seeds, Saving Diversity

by Naomi Jackson, Becketwood Member In the past 20 years, about 300,000 farmers in India have committed suicide.1 Those most at risk were small farmers who had switched to GMO cotton seeds (Bt), in which genes from Bacillus thuringiensis, a biological pesticide, had been inserted. These seeds promised bigger harvests but required chemical input. When […] Read More

Confessions of a Label Reader

By Naomi Jackson, Becketwood Member Note: A number of Becketwood members have food allergies and sensitivities, so a subcommittee of the Environment Committee is working with our kitchen crew to make ingredient lists available for commonly used foods such as condiments. This will involve reading lots of labels, so I wanted to share my own […] Read More

Passport to Climate Justice

by Wayne Tellekson, Becketwood Member A child was standing on the shore picking up starfish and throwing them back into the ocean. A man observed her and commented: “There must be thousands of starfish on the beach. Does it really make any difference if you throw one back into the ocean?” As the little girl […] Read More

Healthy Plate Healthy Planet

by Helen Gilbert, Becketwood Member A-ha! You know that feeling you have when two things you’ve been thinking about, maybe worrying about, suddenly come together and make a new connection? Your mind comes alive and starts seeing some part of the world in a whole new way. I had one of those moments last week […] Read More

Brick House Days – Part 3

by Iric Nathanson, Becketwood Member Click here to read Brick House Days - Part 3. This is a continuation of a previous post. If you missed it, you may read Part 1 here or Part 2 here […] Read More