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Thanksgiving Prayer

By Linda Back McKay, Becketwood Member (d. 9/17/2019) Acrobatic swallows tasting the day and the river itself. The light of my lamp, the people I have held in my arms, the ones yet to hold. All the old ones embraced by the earth and young ones entranced by the sky, any moment of justice. One […] Read more

Three Tips for REAL ID

by Angela Bohmann, Becketwood Member As you may have heard, effective October 1, 2020, a standard Minnesota driver’s license will not be sufficient identification to board a domestic flight in the US. A passport will be sufficient (and is necessary for international flights), but if you want to use your driver’s license as your ID […] Read more

Eight Years Evolution Of The Martini Salon

By Doug Herron, Becketwood Member A martini is my favorite alcoholic beverage, so eight years ago when walking by the gazebo on a warm afternoon, I was seduced by the sound of ice being shaken in a metal canister. Inside the pagoda savoring his drink and smoking a smelly cigar was John Fenn. I asked […] Read more

Four Headlines and a Funeral

By Carol Spearman, Becketwood Member Within one week, I read four disturbing headlines that led me to some distressing conclusions. Two of the headlines were recent and the second and third ones were from prior years, but re-posted because of their current relevancy. Headline # 1 – Unique Hair Testing Project Reveals High Levels of […] Read more

Sharing Becketwood’s Garden Bounty

By Peggy Ryden, Becketwood Member   The spring of 2019 marked my second year of gardening at Becketwood. Adjusting from our previous home’s garden to a tiny garden plot was as challenging for me as downsizing our home itself: a 5′ x 7′ garden plot fills up pretty quickly! With last year’s experiences in mind, […] Read more