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In the Display Case: Creatures from the Wood

by Joel Mortensen, Becketwood Member In their curves and textures, these critters almost come to life beneath your fingers—even if you haven’t joined Joel Mortensen or Leif Duus in the workshop to shape them. Some, like the impertinent fox, change their attitude depending on how you turn its 360 degree turning head. The animals’ history […] Read More

December Joys

by Carol Masters, Becketwood Member At the beginning of the month (December 2), former staff favorite and violinist Izzy Carlson and pianist Daniel Eras warmed us with their skilled renderings of classical music. Since then, every week has brought us more fine performers in the Wellington Room. The St. Paul Central High Chamber Singers impressed […] Read More

Pun Classics, the first appropriate to the season

by Howard Bergstrom, Becketwood Member Each year, just before Christmas, a large hotel in a certain city sponsored an inter-city chess tournament. The chess team from a neighboring city won more than half the time, and they were very arrogant. One time after winning they were drinking in the bar, then came out into the […] Read More

From Minneapolis Nomads to Becketwood Settlers

By Tracy Gulliver, Becketwood Member I never expected to be a boomerang child, and certainly not in my fifties, so Todd and I appreciated my parents’ invitation to have us housesit over the winter. We hoped a unit at Becketwood would be available by the following spring. Between July and October, we had expressed interest […] Read More

Traveling Alone at 80

Part I: Why and How By Carol Bechtel, Becketwood Member Ever since 2010, when I participated in a Quaker Heritage tour that spent a week in northern England, I had wanted to return to experience the area more fully. In addition, I had not been to Scotland and wished to go there. I looked online […] Read More